Shared Storage Redundancy

Superior RAID-6 Protection. All EditShare XStream ST, XStream HT, and XStream EFS storage systems include RAID-6 protection. RAID-6 can sustain the failure of any two drives, and all your data remains intact. The chance of a two drive failure increases proportionately with the size of the drives. The larger the drives, the longer it takes to rebuild after the first failure, during which time you are vulnerable to a second failure. With large drives, RAID-6 gives you true peace of mind. 

Redundant Power Supplies, OS Drives, and Fans. Redundant, hot-Swappable Power Supplies, OS Drives, and Fans ensure uninterrupted operation and fast Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

Daily Status Report. EditShare storage servers generate a Daily Status Report e-mail each morning at around 4:00am server time. The e-mail gives you a snapshot of the status of your EditShare server, with particular attention to any issues that might lead to problems in the future. You can also view your Status Report in a web browser or send a Status Report manually by email at any time. 

System Status Indictor. Editors can see the EditShare server status in the EditShare Connect client software application. The status indicator provides feedback regarding the system status.

High Availability XStream EFS Option. XStream EFS is based on a distributed file system with multiple levels of redundancy for the highest levels of data protection. Each 16-drive XStream EFS storage node includes its own motherboard, CPU, and hardware RAID-6 configuration. In addition to providing redundancy that can survive the loss of any two drives on any or all nodes, XStream EFS simultaneously provides redundancy that protects your files and allows full file access even if an entire node fails or is unavailable due to network impairment. In the event of a node failure, the system can rebuild the data onto another node while editing and file access continue. Configurations with redundant metadata controllers, media network switches, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies are optionally available.