Shared Storage Performance

In selecting an appropriate shared storage system for your workgroup, performance is a key consideration, and performance is often communicated in terms of the number of supported "streams" by bitrate. A stream refers to a single video file being read from or written to a storage server in real-time. For example, one editor playing back a single video track in the NLE equals one stream. If the editor adds a second video layer and plays them both back using a picture-in-picture effect, that’s two streams. So, if your workgroup includes 7 editors and all 7 editors need to be able to simultaneously access 2 streams of Avid DNxHD 145 from the shared storage server in real-time, then you would want to deploy a shared storage solution that supports no fewer than 14 simultaneous streams @ 145Mb/sec.

In general, the more drives in a storage configuration, the more performance or streams the system will be able to support. Each turnkey storage system offered on the 76 Media Systems website makes note of the supported performance/streams on the "Specifications" tab. With EditShare's flexible XStream storage family and unlimited storage/performance expansion options, we can design a configuration to meet any performance requirement. If you would like to spec out a system that offers more performance than the turnkey bundles offered on the website, please fill out our shared storage buyer questionnaire, and one of our workflow experts will contact you to further discuss your requirements.

Shared Storage Buyer Questionairre