Octopus Newsroom

Octopus 8 is a newsroom computer system designed for television and radio broadcasters. Octopus facilitates editorial collaboration between news team members at every stage of the newscast production process, from initial receipt of task notification to the moment the completed story goes to the teleprompter. Octopus also provides tools to publish your content to web and social media channels.

Octopus newsroom software runs natively on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS tablets as well as smartphones. Octopus is suitable for all types and levels of operation, from a single channel with just a few bulletins per day to full-scale 24/7 news networks.

Product Highlights

  • Cross-platform client and server
  • Modern architecture based on an SQL database
  • Fully MOS compliant
  • Modern user interface
  • Support for ActiveX and HTML5 plugins
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android™
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Management reports
  • Flexible web CMS integration
  • Assignment desk with customisable calendars
  • Support for topic centric workflow
  • Automatic rundown scheduler and archiver
  • Floating licensing model
  • Built-in messaging System
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Support for multiple languages simultaneously
  • REST API and exports
  • Wire, RSS, Email, Fax, SMS handling, including handling of media
  • Contacts and guest Management
  • Support for multi-monitor setup

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