Ingest & Playout

Cinedeck delivers unrivaled speed and versatility, supporting a wide variety or codecs, wrappers, formats, and resolutions. Control all the settings with the Cinedeck 2.0 Multi-Channel Control app for Mac and PC. Record your media directly to networked storage or to a standard 2.5″ SSD. 

From JPEG2000 archive formats to XAVC, ProRes and DNxHR  4K Multicam, Cinedeck recorders cover a wide range of ever-evolving workflows.All Cinedeck products support SRT and NDI input sources. Depending on the model and options, 3G/12G and/or IP-2110 inputs are also supported.

FLOW Ingest provides flexible and robust ingest capabilities for a wide range of media production operations, from capturing multi-feed live sources with scheduling and VTR control, to busy file-based ingest teams who require a comprehensive, centralised media preparation toolset. Datasheet

VBOX In/Out is a professional, multichannel, distributed video server designed to natively capture and playback SRT, NDI, SDI, and ST2110 baseband video streams as needed for sports, news, and production.Feature highlights include scheduled recording, metadata management, ganged recording, and shotbox compatibility. Flexible architecture permits dynamic allocation of ports and provides unlimited expandability. The intuitive UI offers an easy learning curve. Datasheet