Flow System Design Considerations

Number of Concurrent Users
EditShare XStream EFS 200 supports up to 5 concurrent Flow clients while XStream EFS 300 supports up to 10 concurrent Flow clients. To support a greater number of concurrent Flow clients, a dedicated Flow Database server is required. XStream EFS 450 deployments require a dedicated Flow Database server.

Proxy Storage
Deploying a dedicated Flow Database server gives you dedicated storage for proxies, freeing up online EditShare shared storage space. Flow Database servers can include 16TB, 32TB, 64TB, or 96TB. Based on the default proxy bitrate of 800kb/sec, you can expect 2,750 hours of proxies per TB.

Scalable Flow Worker Node Architecture
Flow's Worker Node architecture facilitates workload distribution and maximizes use of hardware resources for tasks such as scanning and proxy generation. For example, we recommend adding a Worker Node for each additional two File Ingest licenses that are deployed. 

Please contact us for information regarding these expansion hardware and software options.