Flow Supported Formats

This guide describes which codecs, frame sizes, and frame rates are supported by Flow:

Flow Supported Formats

Here is a description of the various Flow functions:

  • Flow Scan allows you to scan folders to update the Flow database with information about clips not captured by Flow. For example:
    • clips there were ingested by or exported from an NLE
    • clips copied from an external source using a Windows or Macintosh file manager
  • File Ingest allows you to centrally ingest from file-based sources. Flow supports ingest of a wide range of file-based media including XDCAM-EX cards, P2 cards, XDCAM Professional Discs, and even virtual device directories located on USB, FireWire, or local storage devices. If you connect your device to an Express card, PC-card slot, or USB or FireWire port on your Flow Browse workstation, you can browse the contents of that card or disk in Flow. 

  • Encode To represents the file types that you can transcode to using Flow's File Ingest function. 

  • Rewrap To represents the available wrappers for re-wrapping a file using Flow's File Ingest function. This allows you to keep clips in their native codec without any re-encoding - which is a much faster process. For example, you can re-wrap a XDCAM MXF file to be a XDCAM QuickTime file. 

  • Edit While Capture. With supported codecs, you can start editing while Flow capture is in progress.