Flow Media Asset Management

Flow provides a powerful media asset management platform for creative control of all files during the production process. From ingest to delivery, Flow will tag, organize, and manage your media with the ability to automate workflow tasks including transcoding. With AirFlow, it is possible to remotely access media on your shared storage system for editorial/review, increasing the opportunities for creative development outside the boundaries of your facility. 

Flow can manage video, audio, still images, graphics, PDFs, word processing and spreadsheet files, and any other types of files stored on the system. Management capabilities include logging, tracking, searching, deleting, and retrieval from EditShare archive locations.

The Flow platform includes the following modules:

  • Flow Browse is a standalone, cross-platform client application. You can use Flow Browse to carry out simple and advanced searching; view proxy or full-resolution content; add, update, and edit metadata; create sequences and markers; manage ingest processes; retrieve files from EditShare archive locations; and much more. Flow Browse is password-protected and only allows users to see content they are permitted to view.

  • AirFlow is a web-based application that supports most Flow capabilities and provides password-protected access to media content and all Flow information. AirFlow can be used inside a facility on the local network or remotely outside of a facility.  When set up for usage outside of a facility, AirFlow can be configured like any website that requires a username and password for access, or for even greater security, it can be configured to allow access only through a VPN.  

  • Flow Logger allows you to log live captures quickly. You can speed up your logging by clicking predefined descriptors of the action or event, instead of typing long comments of what is happening. This also enables you to accurately search your logged footage later without dealing with misspellings or alternative labels.

  • Flow Automation is a powerful workflow tool designed to automate repetitive tasks such as transcoding to/from specific video formats, file copying, and deleting. The module’s Workflow Designer and Job Designer functions feature intuitive drag-and-drop tools to create simple and complex workflow templates, orchestrating Triggers, Inputs, Tasks, and Filters to better manage media and increase productivity.

  • Flow Ingest gives you advanced features like the ability to capture metadata on ingest and comes with support for a massive range of video codecs.

  • Flow Story is the first in a new generation of content creation applications for collaborative and remote workflows.