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WMHT Implements End-to-End EditShare Environment

New York-based broadcaster WMHT has revamped its TV, radio, and web media management infrastructure with EditShare’s new high-performance, distributed shared storage XStream EFS, integrated Flow media asset management (MAM), and Ark Tape offline archiving solutions.

Replacing a legacy sneaker-net set up, the critically-acclaimed public broadcaster is now centralizing content for all its TV, radio, and web operations onto a single, unified EditShare XStream EFS shared storage platform, integrating EditShare's Flow MAM and Ark Tape archiving for a seamless workflow from ingest to archive.

To share media across groups, we had been copying content from one drive to another, which was incredibly time consuming,” comments Bob Cummings, chief engineer, WMHT Educational Telecommunications. “The new EditShare XStream EFS installation centrally stores our content – no more searching through drives for footage. It’s a huge time and physical space saver.

In addition to streamlining the physical setup, XStream EFS provides WMHT with the high availability required for rapid content creation with no single point of failure. The high-performance, redundant architecture ensures that WMHT content is always available and that important programs broadcast according to plan.

Serving as a control layer for managing content across WMHT departments, EditShare Flow provides tools that manage ingest of content from studio shoots and automate processes.

Flow lets us automate several procedures, such as transcoding and indexing material,” adds Cummings. “No more waiting for media shot in the studio to be transcoded. We set Flow to automatically manage the studio ingest and transcode. Media is ready for editing the moment it hits the EFS storage server.

These easy-to-use tools let non-production staff search, browse and retrieve assets from the XStream EFS storage and archives right from their desktop system or laptop. Cummings elaborates on the benefit of easy access to media: “What is really valuable about Flow for our non-post staff is that they can access the footage without having to find an available NLE or editor to assist. Producers can review their program footage, make simple cuts and send material off to the editor to be finalized. It’s a much more efficient way to collaborate on shows.

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Webinar: Putting the Cloud to Work at Your Production Facility Today

Free webinar on March 23rd. Space is limited! Reserve your seat now.

Post-production operations are increasingly decentralized, and as a result, multi-site access to assets is more important than ever. With today’s “public” cloud solutions being impractical for moving terabytes of media files per day between facilities and cloud locations, and also not fully secure, clients are employing hybrid alternatives that give them the best of both worlds.

Join us for this free live webinar and learn how Sid Lee, an international creative services firm with over 500 employees, provides multi-site access to a growing library of video and graphics content. We will discuss how Sid Lee has created its own private cloud, and deployed tools to facilitate collaboration between Sid Lee sites in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Amsterdam. The webinar will feature a demonstration of the tools that are in daily use at Sid Lee. Nicholas Forest, Sid Lee’s technical director, will be on hand to answer questions & discuss the process he went through in evaluating vendors and selecting a solution.

When: Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Time: 2pm EDT
Duration: 1.5 hours
Where: online from any computer

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Sid Lee Creates Secure Multi-site Workflow with EditShare

Sid Lee is a creative services firm with 550 professionals working globally across offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Amsterdam. The company creates transformative consumer experiences for brands – across all contact points – leveraging true interdisciplinary collaboration. With an ever growing centralized media library, they needed a secure storage and media management platform to handle regional content access. Read how the latest EditShare XStream EFS platform solved not only their security requirements, but increased efficiencies and reduced costs.

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Sid Lee Grows with Editshare

Sid Lee conducts post-editing work in its offices all around the world. To efficiently manage any given project, they need access to all of their resources—both human and technical—regardless of geographic location. In 2015, they expanded their post-production infrastructure, taking project and media sharing across offices to a whole new level.

After evaluating many solutions, Sid Lee chose EditShare XStream EFS shared storage and Flow asset management for its Montreal office, and XStream XT shared storage servers for its remote offices. 

Sid Lee opted for the new XStream EFS architecture for its reliability. It’s a redundant system that gives them the level of media protection they need. It also allows them to color grade on RED 4K footage in real-time.

Having Flow as part of the package really helps Sid Lee manage their footage, from ingest to archiving. With the AirFlow component (private cloud), they can connect to any remote office server, look at the footage, and download it locally. All servers can be synced with the main Montreal server every night.

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Webinar Replay: Building a Power Post Infrastructure with EditShare

A solid foundation is key to a successful business, and for a media facility, the infrastructure it operates on can make or break the bottom line. Implementing a shared storage and media asset management system can help any media organization not only better manage projects and content, but also scale their offerings to include new and more efficient services. This 76 Media Systems webinar helped attendees explore options for building a power post infrastructure using file-based workflow solutions.

EditShare XStream Field 2 Tapped for Netflix's Beasts of No Nation

The latest film to premier on Netflix, Beasts of No Nation is already boasting stellar reviews and big names. The American war drama film was directed, written, and filmed by the renowned Cary Joji Fukunaga and stars Idris Elba among other breakthrough faces. The film is traveling the festival circuit, where it has picked up honors such as the Marcello Mastroianni Award and a Special Presentation selection at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a child soldier named Agu who fights in a civil war in Africa.

Principal photography and production took place in the eastern region of Ghana. It began last May and lasted about two months, while the crew worked on a tight budget of $6 million. It was a one-stop shop; the crew had to ensure they secured everything they needed during these two months because there would not be an opportunity to come back. There was little room for error.

For on-location storage, the crew opted to use an EditShare XStream Field 2. The Field 2 is a portable solution ideal for media and project sharing in a small, quiet box. Easily transportable to Ghana, Field 2 iso compact that it even meets airline regulations for carry-on baggage. The Field 2’s project sharing capabilities allowed the film’s Avid editors to ollaborate on storyline development on-location, which was especially helpful when the footage was plentiful.

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Free Live Webinar: Building a Power Post-Production Infrastructure

A solid foundation is key to any successful business, and for a media facility, the infrastructure it operates on can often make or break the bottom line. Implementing an asset management and shared storage infrastructure can help any media organization not only better manage projects and content, but also scale their offerings to include new and far more efficient media services.

Join us for a free live webinar on October 29th and explore options for building a power post infrastructure using efficient file–based workflow solutions.

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