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See EditShare Scale Out Storage and Asset Management at NAB 2017

Attending NAB this year? Visit EditShare at booth SL9716 and get hands-on with EditShare’s latest shared storage and media management solutions. Newly-enhanced flagship products on display include XStream EFS, the scale-out, distributed media storage solution, along with Flow, EditShare's fully-integrated advanced production asset management solution. With ever-growing production demands and increasing volumes of media, every post-production facility needs a comprehensive media management toolset to complement their shared storage. From file ingest and metadata logging of media to automated QC workflows and file delivery, having a storage platform that can manage it all with seamless integration of 3rd-party tools is essential.

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White Paper: Advantages of EditShare XStream EFS Native Client

Within Media & Entertainment applications, there are many popular network protocols used to connect a shared storage solution to NLE or creative clients. However, these generic protocols cannot manage data bottlenecks or hardware issues that will stop a facility from continuously streaming high bandwidth media. The EditShare XStream EFS Native Client is a powerful, multi-threaded application that tightly manages read and write streams while avoiding the latency and overhead of legacy protocols.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Asset Management in Post

With ever-growing production demands and increasing volumes of media, every post-production facility needs a comprehensive media management toolset to complement their shared storage. From file ingest and metadata logging of media to automated QC workflows and file delivery, having a storage platform that can manage it all with seamless integration of 3rd-party tools is essential.

For over a decade, EditShare has supplied super-fast shared storage solutions compatible with all leading NLEs and creative applications. And with the Flow production asset management platform, EditShare has been at the heart of workflows that enhance collaboration and expand your business possibilities.

Learn more in this article from RedShark News about the benefits of production asset management (PAM) tools in post-production.

Flow MAM: Managing the Transfer of Mass Media with Aspera

EditShare’s Flow MAM solution provides a powerful suite of applications for creative control of your content during the production process, including remote editorial workflows. With Flow's integration of Aspera FASP®, you can manage and track media and non-media assets on your EditShare storage, from ingest to archive, anywhere in the world, and at maximum speed.

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Flow Story: Powerful Editorial Application for Fast Turnaround Remote Productions

Slated for release in Q3 2016, Flow Story is the first in a new generation of content creation applications for collaborative and remote workflows.

With a heritage steeped in non-linear editing and end-to-end video workflows for broadcast and media, EditShare has utilized the engine of the award-winning Lightworks editor to create Flow Story, a powerful and intuitive editorial application. Unlike traditional NLEs, Flow Story provides remote and secure access to on-premise stored media directly through any internet connection. With full integration with EditShare storage, MAM and video server solutions, Flow Story is aimed at fast turnaround environments such as News and Sports, providing journalists and production teams the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or playout. No extra fees or upload times for additional ‘cloud’ storage; just amazing content delivered in a fraction of the time, anywhere in the world.

Professional Shared Storage with Media Asset Management for $5,995

EditShare Ultra is a complete EditShare shared storage system in a compact, lightweight form factor. Designed for small workgroups with up to four editors, Ultra provides professional shared storage with the ability to share both media and projects. And for a limited time, MacVideo Promo is giving you the opportunity to implement professional shared storage for an amazing price.

Starting at just $5,995 for 16TB, EditShare Ultra features:

• Media and Project Sharing for Avid, Premiere Pro, Lightworks Pro, and EDIUS
• Flow Media Asset Management with 2 floating client licenses
• Simple Administration Tools that do not require any IT expertise
• Hardware RAID Protection
• Enterprise Hard Drives
• Guaranteed Real-Time "Edit in Place" Performance
• Support for 2 editors out-of-the-box or up to 4 editors with a low-cost switch
• Ability to expand storage capacity by adding another EditShare storage device
• Free Technical Support and Hardware Advanced Replacement for 6 months

Limited Time: EditShare Shared Storage Starting at $5,995 for 16TB

New EditShare XStream EFS SSD for 4K and Ultra HD Collaboration

We hear a lot about 4K technology and the need to create high-resolution content, but just how easy is it to migrate your production infrastructure to support 4K/UHD formats? At NAB 2016, EditShare will debut its new XStream EFS SSD shared storage solution, purpose-built for facilities facing the challenge of transitioning to 4K content creation, collaboration, and delivery.

Based on the proven high-performance EditShare File System (EFS), XStream EFS SSD is specifically engineered for bandwidth-hungry formats such as DPX, DNxHR 444, and ProRes 4444, the mainstay of 4K and Ultra HD post-production, Digital Intermediate (DI), VFX, and Finishing projects. XStream EFS SSD combines Solid State Drives (SSD) with a new architecture to create a flexible platform that scales from a budget-friendly 16TB all the way to 5PB+.

Please contact us to book a private demonstration at NAB booth SL9716.

Webinar Replay: Putting the Cloud to Work at Your Production Facility

Post-production operations are increasingly decentralized, and as a result, multi-site access to assets is more important than ever. With today’s “public” cloud solutions being impractical for moving terabytes of media files per day between facilities and cloud locations, and also not fully secure, clients are employing hybrid alternatives that give them the best of both worlds.

This free live webinar took place on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Watch the replay and learn how Sid Lee, an international creative services firm with over 500 employees, provides multi-site access to a growing library of video and graphics content. We discussed how Sid Lee created its own private cloud, and deployed tools to facilitate collaboration between Sid Lee sites in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Amsterdam. The webinar featured a demonstration of the tools that are in daily use at Sid Lee. Nicholas Forest, Sid Lee’s technical director, was on hand to answer questions & discuss the process he went through in evaluating vendors and selecting a solution.

WMHT Implements End-to-End EditShare Environment

New York-based broadcaster WMHT has revamped its TV, radio, and web media management infrastructure with EditShare’s new high-performance, distributed shared storage XStream EFS, integrated Flow media asset management (MAM), and Ark Tape offline archiving solutions.

Replacing a legacy sneaker-net set up, the critically-acclaimed public broadcaster is now centralizing content for all its TV, radio, and web operations onto a single, unified EditShare XStream EFS shared storage platform, integrating EditShare's Flow MAM and Ark Tape archiving for a seamless workflow from ingest to archive.

To share media across groups, we had been copying content from one drive to another, which was incredibly time consuming,” comments Bob Cummings, chief engineer, WMHT Educational Telecommunications. “The new EditShare XStream EFS installation centrally stores our content – no more searching through drives for footage. It’s a huge time and physical space saver.

In addition to streamlining the physical setup, XStream EFS provides WMHT with the high availability required for rapid content creation with no single point of failure. The high-performance, redundant architecture ensures that WMHT content is always available and that important programs broadcast according to plan.

Serving as a control layer for managing content across WMHT departments, EditShare Flow provides tools that manage ingest of content from studio shoots and automate processes.

Flow lets us automate several procedures, such as transcoding and indexing material,” adds Cummings. “No more waiting for media shot in the studio to be transcoded. We set Flow to automatically manage the studio ingest and transcode. Media is ready for editing the moment it hits the EFS storage server.

These easy-to-use tools let non-production staff search, browse and retrieve assets from the XStream EFS storage and archives right from their desktop system or laptop. Cummings elaborates on the benefit of easy access to media: “What is really valuable about Flow for our non-post staff is that they can access the footage without having to find an available NLE or editor to assist. Producers can review their program footage, make simple cuts and send material off to the editor to be finalized. It’s a much more efficient way to collaborate on shows.

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