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Webinar Replay: Putting the Cloud to Work at Your Production Facility

Post-production operations are increasingly decentralized, and as a result, multi-site access to assets is more important than ever. With today’s “public” cloud solutions being impractical for moving terabytes of media files per day between facilities and cloud locations, and also not fully secure, clients are employing hybrid alternatives that give them the best of both worlds.

This free live webinar took place on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Watch the replay and learn how Sid Lee, an international creative services firm with over 500 employees, provides multi-site access to a growing library of video and graphics content. We discussed how Sid Lee created its own private cloud, and deployed tools to facilitate collaboration between Sid Lee sites in Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Amsterdam. The webinar featured a demonstration of the tools that are in daily use at Sid Lee. Nicholas Forest, Sid Lee’s technical director, was on hand to answer questions & discuss the process he went through in evaluating vendors and selecting a solution.

Webinar Replay: Building a Power Post Infrastructure with EditShare

A solid foundation is key to a successful business, and for a media facility, the infrastructure it operates on can make or break the bottom line. Implementing a shared storage and media asset management system can help any media organization not only better manage projects and content, but also scale their offerings to include new and more efficient services. This 76 Media Systems webinar helped attendees explore options for building a power post infrastructure using file-based workflow solutions.