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Flow Story: Powerful Editorial Application for Fast Turnaround Remote Productions

Slated for release in Q3 2016, Flow Story is the first in a new generation of content creation applications for collaborative and remote workflows.

With a heritage steeped in non-linear editing and end-to-end video workflows for broadcast and media, EditShare has utilized the engine of the award-winning Lightworks editor to create Flow Story, a powerful and intuitive editorial application. Unlike traditional NLEs, Flow Story provides remote and secure access to on-premise stored media directly through any internet connection. With full integration with EditShare storage, MAM and video server solutions, Flow Story is aimed at fast turnaround environments such as News and Sports, providing journalists and production teams the ability to package content for finishing, delivery or playout. No extra fees or upload times for additional ‘cloud’ storage; just amazing content delivered in a fraction of the time, anywhere in the world.