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  • Webinar Replay: Best Practices with EditShare and AWS
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    Rich D'Angelo

Webinar Replay: Best Practices with EditShare and AWS

With fewer opportunities for in-person teamwork, collaborative, geographically-distributed media production workflows have quickly become a must-have for traditional and nontraditional producers of video. In this webinar recording, AWS and EditShare demonstrate how quickly and easily a cloud-based production studio can be spun up to connect teams all over the world.  They discussed the best practices in enabling cloud-based production with a focus on:

  • Scalable and cost-effective content production storage and media management on AWS
  • Balancing performance and capacity vs. cost
  • The ability to provide collaborative workflow environments with any mix of leading content tools
  • Open APIs for quick integration into media services and applications

See how easily an edit in the cloud environment can be provisioned and made operational in under an hour while hearing from AWS and EditShare technology leaders on best practices for production in the cloud.

Watch the Webinar Replay

  • Post author
    Rich D'Angelo